Out of the silence of the heart, patience is born, derived from the eternal nature of the soul. Patience blooms best in silence; when the heart becomes still, the entirety of the soul listens. The fertile void of the moment, births words of truth spoken, within the heart of silence. The soul that is present,Continue reading

Carefully sown,while the time was ripe to plantin the richness of soil.Waiting, yearning, patiently watchingfor the first signs of birth.Sunlight, water, and the nutrientsthat nurture the sapling,will bring to fruition the divine blueprintof this miraculous seedling.


I brush the small black spiders out of my hair in the morning. These creatures of death seek to retire between the crevices underneath the baseboards. My sleepy yawns echo against the pile of broken bones in the corner, remnants of my body that cried out in woe, that broke when I fell upon thisContinue reading “Reflections”

Breathing Inspiration

poetry for the soul