poetry: Soul

One prayer found in his pocket,
the Shema Yisrael – encompassing
all that would be necessary to survive
the ensuing days in Auschwitz.

A blessing in disguise, only realized
after he lost his life’s work at the entrance.
Faith in G-d supplants our own designs,
and rearranges the times, according
to the penultimate design of our souls.

For He knows what is best – Our Father,
Who looks down from His vantage point
upon mankind, struggling in the mire of existence,
without hope, trying to grasp a dwindling future.
Yet, He will provide nourishment to sustain
the soul in the Darkness of Night.

Published by Tzvi Fievel

I have B.A.'s in Psychology, and English; and, a certificate in psychophysical re-education; at current, I am exploring my third area of academic interest - ecology. My spiritual journey, through many transitions, culminated in taking the yoke of Heaven upon myself.

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