Ashen Fallout

“Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the L-rd, who am but dust and ashes.” – Genesis 18:27, JPS 1917 Tanach

Will you neglect

to protect the innocent,

in the chaos that will ensue

upon the earth,

when the clouds block out

the sunlight across the globe?

The unrepentant have their due;

guard the ones who call upon you

when the ashes begin to fall.

Author: Tzvi Fievel

I have B.A.'s in Psychology, and English; and, a certificate in psychophysical re-education; at current, I am exploring my third area of academic interest - ecology. My spiritual journey, through many transitions, culminated in taking the yoke of Heaven upon myself.

7 thoughts on “Ashen Fallout”

  1. This is so quietly apocalyptic – I thought of those great volcanic eruptions that blotted out whole summers, I thought of the atomic bomb – and a reminder that there are so many innocents – people, animals, trees… – that have no voice and no control.

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