The Commons

Snug in this cocoon
that has been delicately woven
all around my room,
so that I am enclosed
in this maternal womb,
created by divine guidance.

While the world sleeps,
restless, tossing, and turning,
at the prospect of the new normal
becoming an interminable sentence,
imposed upon the global village.

And, should
I also become restless,
L-rd, cause my attention to turn
towards the promises in store
for those who remain faithful
to Your steadfast gaze upon us,
that You remedy the situation,
seeking to alleviate every facet
of the global commons
from captivity.

Published by Tzvi Fievel

I have B.A.'s in Psychology, and English; and, a certificate in psychophysical re-education; at current, I am exploring my third area of academic interest - ecology. My spiritual journey, through many transitions, culminated in taking the yoke of Heaven upon myself.

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