Pruning Time

To write, or not to do so,in ink, pixels, or pencil;to express my views or not,and risk being deplatformed? I am aware of the climateof intolerance, sprung upfrom the same inflexible voices,in the hallways of Universities. The seasons are changingand the times are rearranging;the values of the past have become,like branches that must be pruned.Continue reading “Pruning Time”

Light at Dawn

On the path to reconciliation, between G-d and mankind, many endeavors have been made. Perhaps, as many to replace Him as well; most notably, the Tower of Babel, a failed construction project. Today, “crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end” (Jo Harjo). At least, that is what the architectsContinue reading “Light at Dawn”


Am I on the derech (path),or have I not even begun the journey?If I have already taken that first step;then, why do I feel stuck in the mire? The adage, there are no shortcutsin life, seems to be ingrained in me;yet, too often, I miss the moment,distracted by my surroundings. I do not know whereContinue reading “Humility”


Breathing Inspiration

poetry for the soul