Divine Pillar

The foaming, frothing sea, gleams in the light cast upon us, safe on the lee of the Angel, standing fast against the army of Mitzraim. Behind me, towers the pillar of cloud, obscuring the bowers where the enemy is shrouded in the darkness of night. There is only one way for us to pursue, inContinue reading “Divine Pillar”

Muse Above

What shall I do for amusement? For my muse has disappeared, and, I fear life would be too drear, without a trace of divinity to guide me along the way. —– —– —– Muse of all Muses, Our Muse in Heaven, smile upon me when I frown.

Silent Light

The menorah lights, too soon burn down to the wicks; watching in silence. I gather my prayers and intentions, for a life that will transcend the darkness of the past. Every Chanukah now is bittersweet, as it seems that hope is as fragile as the last moments of the candles flickering flames, before the wicksContinue reading “Silent Light”

Breathing Inspiration

poetry for the soul