Seek the Light

Broken unity, echoes across time, down through the ages, as darkness covers this world; we yearn for reconciliation. As the day draws near, our tears become crystal clear, for the redemption is at hand, and all across the land, the fissures of the earth are healed, as the names of the faithful are sealed, in … Continue reading “Seek the Light”

Elegy 2

Is it at all possiblefor your soul to be lifted upout of the flames that consumedyour body in the crematorium?Only ashes now, as a keepsakethat I can not understand,for our treasure is in heaven,and your soul is unbound,by the constraints of the body.Yet, the question remainsof your place in Olam Haba,or consignment to an eternityof … Continue reading “Elegy 2”

Reachin’ Down

How manysouls can claimnot to live for oneself,but for the One Above,Who reached downto touch the livesof His children? Rather,it is the strugglebetween dark and lightwithin ourselvesthat hinders our avodah,until we createspace in our heartsfor His mercy.

Breathing Inspiration

poetry for the soul