The kedushah of these seven days lingers, like our hearts, minds, and spirit, intent on remaining for another day in Your presence on Shemini Atzeret. We will carry these sacred moments, into our lives, during the ensuing months until we meet again at Pesach.


Unravel your thinking;like cords tied together,being loosed from the tangle. ————- Enlighten your eyes,with the light from Above;free your mind, andliberate your soul. L’rd, untie the bundled sins, accept the prayer of your people; strengthen us, purify us, bless us, show us pity. May Your righteousness always reward us. Turn to Your people. Accept our … Continue reading “defusion”

A Perfect World

A perfected world, according to the designs of man, albeit promising, can not match the divine plan of the Father, who is sovereign over all. Try as we may to succeed, without first studying the Blueprint provided to us by His architectural firm, we only contribute to a modern day Babylon. Although we may seem … Continue reading “A Perfect World”

Breathing Inspiration

poetry for the soul