poem: Pixels

Floating images on the screen of life,pixels, arranged in patterns that draw attentionto a fragment of time, captured in a moment,an impression of the transitory nature of life. Existing for a minute or two on the screen,until they retreat back into code,hidden, like invisible points of light,behind the veil of this world.

poem: Tapestry

Shall I aspire to a literary career?I asked myself, many years ago.While sitting in poetry classes,presented with a variety of voices,hoping to find my own voice. Years later, challenged from Above,to shift my vision, from the worldly viewsof the classroom setting, to the supernal realmof my heritage, my people, my G-d. Yet, all things haveContinue reading “poem: Tapestry”

poem: The Plea

The ebb and flow of life,already curtailed by the plague;normalcy continues to diminish,when strife adds fuel to the fire. Nowhere in sight,nor in the news is the storytold of the plight, common to all of us.Factions, divisions, and argumentsseem to prevail, in this arenaof strife, contention, and accusations:a medley of disunity, insteadof a harmony ofContinue reading “poem: The Plea”

poem: Balance

I prefer not to engage,as I sit behind my screen,in the cacophony of voicesthat constantly compete online,promulgating self assertion,rather than discussion. So, I wait patiently,rather than join the fray,until my voice is lifted,first to Heaven for revision,before making its way to the page. Does anyone, including myself, considerthat words carry weight into posterity,ultimately to beContinue reading “poem: Balance”

poem: Ripple

One ripple in the pond,ever expanding across time,to encompass all who are bornwith an everlasting find. If we safeguard this treasure,we also become stones, cast into the currents of life,to give of ourselves to others. Notwithstanding, our susceptibilityto sink within the mire of materiality,we may also send out ripples,that will influence the world.

poetry: The Last Things

You turn the hearts of mankind,to a place of contrition,like the dust of the earth,being reminded of its lowliness. Yet, for the recalcitrant,their hearts compel themto continue in their ways,regardless of their destiny. The last things need to be kept in mind,or else our glory, we can not find.Yet, some would act in reckless abandon,ignoringContinue reading “poetry: The Last Things”

poetry: Lofty View

The view from HeavenWill shed light on our sorrow,and cast a glow of redemptionUpon our faces tomorrow. This lonely path through the darknessWill lead to strength and determination,Even under these trying circumstances,So that we may live with favor from Above. In expectation of the Aleph-Tav,The first and last, from beginning to end,Since time immemorial,Until theContinue reading “poetry: Lofty View”