poetry: Perspective

Silent, lonely solitude,

darkens my feelings,

enlightens my mind.

No other truce

between the world and I

has existed, until this time.

The duration of my sojourning,

stationary in my domicile,

will persist, as I become accustomed

to the quietude that surrounds me.

As my thoughts settle, and my heart is calm,

I gravitate to the understanding

that a lifetime spent in hectic embrace

with the world is an allotment

not worth nearly as much as

searching the empty spaces,

between revelation and mundanity,

my inbreath and my outbreath,

past experiences and current news.

poetry: Ariel

Ariel – a prose poem

There is a light that shines upon mankind,

an animating spirit that sustains the soul.

Guided by an unknown hand – the One,

Who lives and breathes in our midst.

A common journey, a single thread,

weaving a tapestry across time, history and nations;

this invisible force reckons the accounts of all souls,

balancing justice and judgment with compassion and mercy.

All are known to Him; no one goes unnoticed.

Each and every one of the myriad of stars

in the universe is given a name.

How much moreso is every soul on earth,

every man, woman and child

valued in the eyes of the Creator,

Who views no one as insignificant;

even the least of us is treasured,

by the One who watches over us all,

calling us home through what we perceive as our intuition,

beckoning toward us from Above,

whenever we receive an inkling of truth,

a spark of hope, or an impulse of kindness.

Despite assimilation in a world gone awry,

our lives may be rebuilt upon the ashes of the past.

Our souls may be redeemed, by He whose arms are open

to receive us into His Sanctuary.

For He is our refuge in times of darkness.

Israel cried out to Him from the smouldering ruins of the Shoah.

“Turn thou us unto thee, O L-rd, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old.”

– Lamentations 5:21

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poetry: Soul

One prayer found in his pocket,
the Shema Yisrael – encompassing
all that would be necessary to survive
the ensuing days in Auschwitz.

A blessing in disguise, only realized
after he lost his life’s work at the entrance.
Faith in G-d supplants our own designs,
and rearranges the times, according
to the penultimate design of our souls.

For He knows what is best – Our Father,
Who looks down from His vantage point
upon mankind, struggling in the mire of existence,
without hope, trying to grasp a dwindling future.
Yet, He will provide nourishment to sustain
the soul in the Darkness of Night.

poetry: Preservation

G-d is an equal opportunity employer,

searching the collective heart of mankind,

for those human beings who are

inquisitive enough to delve

into unknown territory

in search of relevant questions.

Like vessels, we shall be refined,

with protective layers of glaze,

so that what is contained within us

will never be diminished.

When G-d calls us into His service,

the proper response is Hineni –

here I am, in the present moment,

flawed, yet, unfettered,

wounded, yet, unafraid,

broken, yet, unconquered,

ready to serve.

poetry: Discernment

“Thou art my rock and my fortress.” – Psalm 31:3

Listen carefully,

To be able to learn right from wrong,

distinguish day from night, and

truth from sheker (lies).

The silence speaks of wisdom,

Hidden within the words of the Ruach.

The L-rd’s touch upon my shoulder,

comforts my soul in the moment.

I stand upon the Rock of Ages,

I will not be misled.

poetry: Promise

“Let us reason together.” – Isaiah 1:18

After the rain, the sun will shine.

At nightime, the stars radiate;

at dawn, the rooster crows.

We are awakened to the sound

of our own heart beating:

the soul redeemed, the breath

of life rhythmically flowing

throughout our whole being.

Yet, we can not always see

beyond the limits of our confines,

nor find a spark of hope inside

ourselves, when the darkness closes in,

threatening to permeate the soul.

Even so, beyond all of this,

is the promise of the Kingdom,

Where we will be at peace.


poetry: Solace

Photo by Steven Wright on Unsplash

Within the confines, of my place of shelter,
even here, I seek refuge – in higher ground.

I look to the mountains envisioned,
in my heart, where G-d resides.

I climb the daily trek, upwards,
in flight like a wretch at times.

Yet, always returning to the center,
wherein He may be found.

The soul is nourished, I am ready
to begin another climb tomorrow.

poetry: Self Compassion

A tear, falls down the side of my face,

As I am listening, reflecting, seeking truth,

Sparked by a moment in time, wherein

My past meets the present, and

Chesed and emes are introduced

To each other for the first time.

A moment to be treasured as a keepsake.

My awareness will remain undaunted,

Nurturing an actual felt compassion,

That had previously seemed impossible.

poetry: Self-deprecation

Quietly, reflecting upon my own weaknesses

as opposed to the biting sarcasm directed

by my inner Amalek to myself.

Humorously, putting myself down;

yet, sometimes, without realizing

the harsh results from others.

Where can the line be drawn

between humility and disparagement,

lowliness and denigration?

poetry: Reciprocity

As above so below. As in Heaven, so on Earth.

He calls us to serve Him; we call upon Him to save us.

We reach out to Him, with all of our own effort;

He returns our plea with all encompassing grace.

We fall, stumble, slip and slide on the path;

He lifts us up, outstretching His arm to do so.

As we ascend to greater heights than could be done alone.

We attempt to go about our business as usual;

He shows us what is more important.

We fail to achieve that which we desire;

He reveals a higher, more rewarding goal to us.

We head in one direction; He shows us another route.

The way is circuitous, never ending from our perspective;

He shows us how to be present in the moment.