poem: Words

Watch your words,for words have reverberations.Watch your back,for past ways that are errant.Look forward to the future,when Moshiach will reign.Look Above to His throne,until Heaven on Earth. When G-d created the world,no thought was wasted.Every word was spoken,in truth and sincerity.Each word blossomed,from potential to actuality.His ratzon (will) was fulfilled,at the moment of utterance.

poem: woundedness

a sense of woundedness encompasses my soul. at times, in solitude, I can feel the distinct presence of sufferings from the past that still resonate within the silent echo chamber of my inner sanctum. The value of these moments, the almost continuous reverberation of empathy with the suffering of my people encapsulates in a microcosmicContinue reading “poem: woundedness”

poem: Emptiness

An empty life, except for the miracles,an empty past, except for the hope.An empty future, unless I keep my eyes on the prize.Olam Haba, an expectation for tomorrow. Promises made, commitment wanes; yet, grace availsmy soul on the derech (path) towards freedom.Stuck in the mire, reaching out to Shomayim (Heaven).alone in my reverie, except forContinue reading “poem: Emptiness”