poetry: Promise

“Let us reason together.” – Isaiah 1:18

After the rain, the sun will shine.

At nightime, the stars radiate;

at dawn, the rooster crows.

We are awakened to the sound

of our own heart beating:

the soul redeemed, the breath

of life rhythmically flowing

throughout our whole being.

Yet, we can not always see

beyond the limits of our confines,

nor find a spark of hope inside

ourselves, when the darkness closes in,

threatening to permeate the soul.

Even so, beyond all of this,

is the promise of the Kingdom,

Where we will be at peace.


poetry: Solace

Photo by Steven Wright on Unsplash

Within the confines, of my place of shelter,
even here, I seek refuge – in higher ground.

I look to the mountains envisioned,
in my heart, where G-d resides.

I climb the daily trek, upwards,
in flight like a wretch at times.

Yet, always returning to the center,
wherein He may be found.

The soul is nourished, I am ready
to begin another climb tomorrow.

Self Compassion

A tear, falls down the side of my face,

As I am listening, reflecting, seeking truth,

Sparked by a moment in time, wherein

My past meets the present, and

Chesed and emes are introduced

To each other for the first time.

A moment to be treasured as a keepsake.

My awareness will remain undaunted,

Nurturing an actual felt compassion,

That had previously seemed impossible.


As above so below. As in Heaven, so on Earth.

He calls us to serve Him; we call upon Him to save us.

We reach out to Him, with all of our own effort;

He returns our plea with all encompassing grace.

We fall, stumble, slip and slide on the path;

He lifts us up, outstretching His arm to do so.

As we ascend to greater heights than could be done alone.

We attempt to go about our business as usual;

He shows us what is more important.

We fail to achieve that which we desire;

He reveals a higher, more rewarding goal to us.

We head in one direction; He shows us another route.

The way is circuitous, never ending from our perspective;

He shows us how to be present in the moment.


Watch your words,
for words have reverberations.
Watch your back,
for past ways that are errant.
Look forward to the future,
when Moshiach will reign.
Look Above to His throne,
until Heaven on Earth.

When G-d created the world,
no thought was wasted.
Every word was spoken,
in truth and sincerity.
Each word blossomed,
from potential to actuality.
His ratzon (will) was fulfilled,
at the moment of utterance.


a sense of woundedness encompasses my soul.

at times, in solitude, I can feel the distinct presence

of sufferings from the past that still resonate

within the silent echo chamber of my inner sanctum.

The value of these moments, the almost continuous

reverberation of empathy with the suffering of my people

encapsulates in a microcosmic droplet of time,

the gist of my yearning towards G-d, on their behalf,

as well as on behalf of my own tears.


An empty life, except for the miracles,
an empty past, except for the hope.
An empty future, unless I keep my eyes on the prize.
Olam Haba, an expectation for tomorrow.

Promises made, commitment wanes; yet, grace avails
my soul on the derech (path) towards freedom.
Stuck in the mire, reaching out to Shomayim (Heaven).
alone in my reverie, except for the Light from Above.

Carry me forward, into the sea of life,
irrespective of the pursuit of the enemy behind me,
flagging me down, trying to get me to turn back
to the emptiness of fleeting pleasures.

Lift me up, above the graves of my past,
resurrect the hope, the strength, and the resolve
to serve You, regardless of the circumstances.
Redeem our lives, as we cross into chayei olam.