Heavenly Messenger

Prayers are only answered from a distance; there is a great expanse that separates between the supernal heights of Shomayim, and the lowliness of our earthbound plight. By the time the angelic messenger passes through the strata of rakia, the communication has become veiled, in language that is beyond our understanding. The malach who wasContinue reading “Heavenly Messenger”

Lives in Limbo

“I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility that existence has its own reason for being.” – Wislawa Szymborska The darkened hearts of some of our neighbors, who have renounced their humanity will be judged by the Almighty, while I and my brother, hiding in between these walls, will continue to cling to the RibonoContinue reading “Lives in Limbo”


1 Nissan 5781 Running, the tempest behind me, still present in my thoughts and dreams; yet, somewhere on the horizon, I can see in the distance, there is a place serene. Joyous within myself, outwardly smiling, my emotions never surface enough to be visible; perhaps, a trait from my ancestors upbringing, learned men of books,Continue reading “Promise”

In Heaven’s Time

A tearful reunion, when my memories drift, bittersweet moments, resurrected by the sound of melancholy chords that compel me to reminisce. A “whisper” from Above, when I viewed the painting, encapsulated by a sense of silence that surrounds Yoseph’s deathbed – Yeshua and Miriam at his side. The night before you passed, a sense ofContinue reading “In Heaven’s Time”

Message in a Nutshell

I am separated for the benefit of my soul, and yours; introvert, sheltering in place, for indeterminable hours, by way of self-imposition, yet, reaching towards Heaven, even beyond these confines, towards family and friends. A complete year has passed, full circle since the proliferation of coronavirus reached the shores of this once proud nation; someContinue reading “Message in a Nutshell”

Gabriola Island

Cold awakening, each morning at 4 a.m. – kindle the fire. The telephone is my only connection to the outside world, that is to anyone not living on Gabriola Island. Otherwise, my friends, family, and associates are three thousand miles away; mostly none of them no where I am, for I have wandered far northContinue reading “Gabriola Island”