The Commons

Snug in this cocoonthat has been delicately wovenall around my room,so that I am enclosedin this maternal womb,created by divine guidance. While the world sleeps,restless, tossing, and turning,at the prospect of the new normalbecoming an interminable sentence,imposed upon the global village. And, shouldI also become restless,L-rd, cause my attention to turntowards the promises in storeforContinue reading “The Commons”

Light at Dawn

On the path to reconciliation, between G-d and mankind, many endeavors have been made. Perhaps, as many to replace Him as well; most notably, the Tower of Babel, a failed construction project. Today, “crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end” (Jo Harjo). At least, that is what the architectsContinue reading “Light at Dawn”


Understanding is born out of the silence of the heart. Beyond these shadows of darkness, hiding in the corners, the light will prevail, truth will be revealed to those who seek; and, faith will triumph over the lure of worldly agendas. There is more than one kath├Ękon, who will stand against the sweeping tide ofContinue reading “Acquiescence”

poem: Horizon

I’ve grown lazy,as my dreams clash with reality.I have become disconnected from the actual,because I focus on what would be ideal. I sit behind my screen, peering into the world.Trying to gain some kind of perspective,that will shed light on current events. Every time that I close down the screen,the world vanishes along with theContinue reading “poem: Horizon”

poem: The Plea

The ebb and flow of life,already curtailed by the plague;normalcy continues to diminish,when strife adds fuel to the fire. Nowhere in sight,nor in the news is the storytold of the plight, common to all of us.Factions, divisions, and argumentsseem to prevail, in this arenaof strife, contention, and accusations:a medley of disunity, insteadof a harmony ofContinue reading “poem: The Plea”

poem: Balance

I prefer not to engage,as I sit behind my screen,in the cacophony of voicesthat constantly compete online,promulgating self assertion,rather than discussion. So, I wait patiently,rather than join the fray,until my voice is lifted,first to Heaven for revision,before making its way to the page. Does anyone, including myself, considerthat words carry weight into posterity,ultimately to beContinue reading “poem: Balance”