Natural Course

Ice melts quickly here, pavements are soon cleared of snow, as the sun glistens. Winter is mild as usual, here in the Southwest, on the edge of the Colorado Plateau, 7,000 feet above sea level. Here, as icicles bask in the sunlight, melting as drops return to their source, completing the cycle of precipitation.

Silent Light

The menorah lights, too soon burn down to the wicks; watching in silence. I gather my prayers and intentions, for a life that will transcend the darkness of the past. Every Chanukah now is bittersweet, as it seems that hope is as fragile as the last moments of the candles flickering flames, before the wicksContinue reading “Silent Light”

haibun: Clay Vessel

You mock yourself, when you do not uphold your own ideals, like the fool, who does not walk the talk. Patiently, you try to succeed, only to fall down a rung or two, on Jacob’s ladder. Do you dare to go where angels tread? Or reach the heights of Icarus? O mortal man, if youContinue reading “haibun: Clay Vessel”

Rosh HaShannah

apples and honey,sweeten the New Year’s advent;Rosh HaShannah bliss. As Rosh HaShannah, the New Year on the Hebrew calendar approaches, I prepare my soul, so that I might be able to stand before the King on Judgment Day. Selichos (the penitential prayers) have already begun; these prayers will continue, until the eve of the DayContinue reading “Rosh HaShannah”

post corona blues

I have found my niche,here, at the desk where I sit;staying connected. Pixels appear in harmony, arranged as letters in words, forming sentences in scripture, poetry, and essays. Sometimes, appearing as colorful details in art or photography. While outside, according to the news, if I dare to read, it seems there is still no reasonContinue reading “post corona blues”


I await the time, when our sorrow shifts to joy; with words of comfort. Inasmuch that I am inclined by my pensive nature to perpetual reflection, if not melancholy, when the Hebrew month of Av arrives, I look forward to the demarcation between sorrow and joy on the fifteenth of the month, known as TuContinue reading “Consolation”

Stars and Dew

The stars spin around,at heights, above and belowthe earth’s equator. On the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the concealment of G-d’s presence is greatest (Accidental Talmudist: Summer Solstice and Judaism). While other ancient traditions mark the day of solstice in their own ways, Jewish tradition evokes the quietude of an inward reflectionContinue reading “Stars and Dew”


O Aviv, upon your full moon, hinge all of the promises anew. The grains of the barley harvest, are roasted, ground, and sifted. Mixed with oil, a handful of frankincense placed on top. Then, consumed by the flames, it’s smoke arises to Shomayim. Thus, completed, we may partake of the abundance of the harvest. TheContinue reading “Aviv”


Elusive, grey sky, Background of countless raindrops; Never ending flow. Sometimes, like an ineffable puzzle, my mind rests in the midst of an incomplete picture, with the past on hold, and the future on pause. Time seems to be a superimposed structure upon eternity. Mood becomes everything – the ultimate color of an endless reality,Continue reading “Be-ing”

Gabriola Island

Cold awakening, each morning at 4 a.m. – kindle the fire. The telephone is my only connection to the outside world, that is to anyone not living on Gabriola Island. Otherwise, my friends, family, and associates are three thousand miles away; mostly none of them no where I am, for I have wandered far northContinue reading “Gabriola Island”