When merged

within the singsong chant

of a chassidic melody,

the congregant’s souls become one

for a brief moment, encapsulated

by the deveykus (connection)

to G-d that is fostered

by the unity.

~~~~~ ~~~~~

The sway

of the congregants

while davening (praying),

like flickering flames on candles,

reaching toward heaven,

assist the soul’s yearning

for deveykus (connection).

Sukkot: AfterGlow

The kedushah

of these seven days lingers,

like our hearts, minds, and spirit,

intent on remaining for another day

in Your presence on Shemini Atzeret.

We will carry these sacred moments,

into our lives, during the ensuing months

until we meet again at Pesach.


Ever flowing Spirit of Life,
cascades from one world to another,
emanations from Above to Below –
from Heaven to Earth.

Cascades from one world to another,
trickling Light down through the spheres,
from Atzilus, to Beriah, to Yetzirah, to Assiyah.

Emanations from Above to Below:
from Emanation, to Creation, to Formation, to Action,
mirroring the essential elements of divinity.

From Heaven to Earth,
the Light contracts, from Infinity to finite actualization,
where the Shechinah dwells in Malchus HaElokim.

Soulful Ingredients

A dose of discernment,
an ounce of wisdom.
Two pounds of knowledge,
plus a life time’s worth
of yiras H’Shem.

Grant light unto me,
from the stars above,
to shine in my heart.
And truth beyond measure.

From one end of heaven,
to the other end of heaven,
may all of my mitzvot
be like seeds planted,
with a great yield
at harvest time.

A dash of hope,
every morning
when I wake;
a pinch of joy,
to flavor each day.

Faith in abundance,
throughout the night;
and, an everlasting
supply of belief
in G-d above.


1 Nissan 5781

Running, the tempest behind me,

still present in my thoughts and dreams;

yet, somewhere on the horizon, I can see

in the distance, there is a place serene.

Joyous within myself, outwardly smiling,

my emotions never surface enough to be visible;

perhaps, a trait from my ancestors upbringing,

learned men of books, studying in the shtetl.

My father comprehends the silence,

that his view from heaven always reveals;

although, amidst my own earthly burdens,

much for me still remains concealed.

Yehi ratzon, I will be consoled at last

by the promise of the Final Redemption;

each year that closes the gaps of the past,

brings us closer to our future reunion.

Linear time and eternity merge,

as hours pass into days and years;

in a single glimpse, moments converge,

carrying the weight of golden tears.

The Beis HaMikdash looms visible,

in the inner sanctum of the soul;

a place of solace, clearly recognizable

by the light of the Shepherd’s fold.

Sacred Time

I watch the match strike the surface,

of a matchbox with Shabbos designs;

this flame designates the beginning

of sacred time, the Day of Rest.

After saying the blessing over the candles,

my mother turns the tablet on the dinner table,

so that my view is now of her chair and place setting;

as we begin the prayers, the Shechinah joins us.

Every Friday evening, we’ve been meeting,

closing the distance of 2,300 miles in an instant,

after connecting our pixelated selves,

via the blessings of technology.

Who knows whether or not,

these high tech wonders

exist specifically for times like these,

in order to bridge the gaps between us all.

I take comfort in sharing this moment,

sanctifying the day with kiddush and motzei,

standing upon an island in time, suspended

in between the week days.

soul journey

A soul, satiated,

not with the pleasures of the world,

nor the intoxication of life;

rather, content with the taste

of love from Above,

no longer running in haste,

away from His treasure trove.

A mind, relaxed,

permitting everything to unfold,

without succumbing to strife;

passing opportunities by,

in favor of the everlasting;

for the time of reckoning is nigh,

when all accounts will be settled.

Yet, everyday I regress,

falling close to the abyss;

climbing under constant duress,

this life’s empty promises of bliss.

Is there no other recourse, to escape

the fate that awaits? Through teshuvah,

receive me back into Your grace.

poem: the Climb

Every morning I climb mount Moriah with Isaac,
Carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.
With every step I know there’s no turning back,
Even when I have to dodge the rolling boulders.

Troubled by these winds, at the top of the pass,
climbing evermore, to see Your Panim at last.
With each and every step along the derech,
I tread closer to the refiner’s fire, where
my soul may be unencumbered in Your love.

poem: Upgrade

I am waiting for an upgrade on my soul;
I am unable to improve of my own accord.

I lack the perspective of my forefathers,
who diligently climbed the ladder of Jacob.

Yet, here, I falter every day, as if
I can never get past the first rung.

Imagine what it would be like,
falling straight down the ladder,

five broken rungs at a time,
returning to where you started.

And, who will lift me up when I fall,
on the wings of the angels who climb,

night and day, up, and back down the ladder –
in order to strengthen faltering souls.

poem: The Bridge

Photo by Harmy on Unsplash

A journey, across this bridge,
between belief and practice,
from the mind to the heart,
spanning heaven and earth.

Reaching out towards G-d;
then, returning to the self.
Climbing towards the sublime,
descending to the mundane.

Appearing before His throne,
only with prayers that glisten,
like dewdrops on the leaves
of the Tree of Life in Gan Eden.

Welcoming the Sabbath Queen,
in the evening, in all of your finery,
while dining with the angels,
in expectation of the Kingdom.