“Sing unto the L-RD a new song, and His praise in the assembly of the saints. – Psalm 149:1, JPS 1917 Tanach Taming the beast within, so that I may sing, akin to the songs of the tzaddikim, who succeed in transcending the yetzer harah (evil inclination), that makes so much din, in an attemptContinue reading “Prudence”


When merged within the singsong chant of a chassidic melody, the congregant’s souls become one for a brief moment, encapsulated by the deveykus (connection) to G-d that is fostered by the unity. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ The sway of the congregants while davening (praying), like flickering flames on candles, reaching toward heaven, assist the soul’s yearning forContinue reading “deveykus”


1 Nissan 5781 Running, the tempest behind me, still present in my thoughts and dreams; yet, somewhere on the horizon, I can see in the distance, there is a place serene. Joyous within myself, outwardly smiling, my emotions never surface enough to be visible; perhaps, a trait from my ancestors upbringing, learned men of books,Continue reading “Promise”


Is the past beyond redemption?Can not the truth be retrievedfrom amidst this disorderly pileof worn out tattered journals? The dust that has collected,must be sifted out from amongstthese scattered pages, uncategorized;yet, containing the codes of my life. A life, previously unraveled, like nucleotides rearranged on a double helix,twisting and turning along an invisible axisof theContinue reading “Renewal”

poetry: Restless

Restless heart, mindless spirit,driven to and fro across the landscapeof the heart, without reservation,continuously searching the perimeter,scanning the horizon for something new. Relentless in its intention, the yetzer haraattempts to deceive the soul into thinking that empty promises will amount to something,better than the rewards of diligence,perseverence, and adherence to a rule. Yet, I knowContinue reading “poetry: Restless”

poetry: Prayer

Avail yourself of prayer,Seek the heavenly realmClimb the ascending stairs,Transcend the mundane. Lift up your thoughtsto the world Above,here, there is nought,Anything except love. When your soul finds the timeto commune with your Maker,G-d’s mercy you will find,As you begin to awake. These morning blues,May be cast off today,Change doleful huesBeyond shades of grey. EveryContinue reading “poetry: Prayer”

poetry: Sacred Words

Captured by the silence,everything intensifies,including my fears, especiallywhen I neglect my prayers. Only sacred wordshave the power to sustain me.When my avodas is diminished,I become entrenched in the mire. My thoughts wander,and silence turns oppressive,until I reach into the depthsof my soul for a heartfelt prayer. With the help of the Ruach,my words will transcendContinue reading “poetry: Sacred Words”

poem: Silence

I call out in silence,from the depth of my soul,unto the depth of Yourunfathomable wisdom. When You respond with a nudge,or an intuition sent from Heaven,it is done so in the silence of my heart.And, I am at Your Mercy. Your kindnesses to me are beyondmy ability to appreciate, in all gratitude,what has been done,Continue reading “poem: Silence”

poem: Bestowal

Let not the Adversarysteal your peace of mind, nor the benefits of prayer,so efficacious for your soul. Set your heart upon Me;I will set my seal upon you.A seat is reserved for you at the Wedding Banquet. Until that time, your soulmay rest upon these promises,that you may not be compromisedin body, mind, nor spirit.Continue reading “poem: Bestowal”