Seek the Light

Broken unity, echoes across time, down through the ages, as darkness covers this world; we yearn for reconciliation. As the day draws near, our tears become crystal clear, for the redemption is at hand, and all across the land, the fissures of the earth are healed, as the names of the faithful are sealed, inContinue reading “Seek the Light”

Elegy 2

Is it at all possiblefor your soul to be lifted upout of the flames that consumedyour body in the crematorium?Only ashes now, as a keepsakethat I can not understand,for our treasure is in heaven,and your soul is unbound,by the constraints of the body.Yet, the question remainsof your place in Olam Haba,or consignment to an eternityofContinue reading “Elegy 2”


Washed up on the shores of life,abandoned by the ships that pass by,and only comforted by the sun – its raysgiving warmth to the soul. Is this not the existential truthdiscovered by all who seek morethan what this world has to offer?The dark night will claim the soul,until released into the light. Transformation beginswhen theContinue reading “Untethered”

Ashes Risen

We will rise from the ashes,as we have always done,across the generations.When the vitriolic verbosityhas reached its peak, andspills over into persecution,we will not bow to pressure. We will not remain silent,except within our hearts,when we cry out in prayer.Happy are those who wait,until the darkness passesfrom this time on earth.


Desire, banished into the wind;and, the shadows of the enemy,vanquished upon the earliest raysof sunlight at dawn. That the truth may be upheld,in all of its splendor and glory;and emunah restore the confidence,that slipped away in the night. This is the derech of the pious:to enlighten the eyes of others,even while facing challenges;looking toward chayeiContinue reading “Restoration”