poetry: Sacred Words

Captured by the silence,everything intensifies,including my fears, especiallywhen I neglect my prayers. Only sacred wordshave the power to sustain me.When my avodas is diminished,I become entrenched in the mire. My thoughts wander,and silence turns oppressive,until I reach into the depthsof my soul for a heartfelt prayer. With the help of the Ruach,my words will transcendContinue reading “poetry: Sacred Words”

poem: Waves

Broken, yet, not defeated.overwhelmed, not vanquished.sullen, not dejected, andalthough hesitant, still determined. The L-rd will make a way,through this sea of confusion.He will provide a path,amidst the mighty watersof these perilous times. Temperamental, yet,always seeking a balancein my approach to life,returning to homeostasis.No more a leaf in the wind;rather, a tree with roots.