Lech Lecha

Abraham left behind him,
country, home, and kin,
to heed the call of a lifetime,
and seek what he needed to find,
instead of simply blending in.

Promised to be divinely blessed,
he was continuously put to the test;
and, passing challenges with flying colors,
surpassed all grief and dolor,
turning away from sin.

Yes, Abraham paved the way towards G-d,
so that his descendants might be sound,
in their mind, body, and spiritual endeavors,
and the nations also securely tethered
to the One who calls all to Him.


Scintillating, dazzling, spectacular,

vision on display for the children,

who gather around to ponder in awe,

the glowing orb in the sky, like a pinwheel.

My wayward friend, amongst the crowd,

hears a heavenly voice say, “I am G-d.”

Yet, convinced as he seems to be

of his newfound reality, I inwardly lament.

For, even Abraham, who lived amongst idolatry,

realized upon the testing of his intellect,

the foolishness of believing in the sun,

that only rules by day, and the moon by night.

There must be One who created them both,

he thought to himself, in an epiphany

that became the inception of monotheism;

giving birth to his newfound faith.

Across the years of assimilation,

The near annihilation of my people,

We still fall prey, to the zeitgeist of the day,

And the dark shadows of deception at night.

poem: the Climb

Every morning I climb mount Moriah with Isaac,
Carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.
With every step I know there’s no turning back,
Even when I have to dodge the rolling boulders.

Troubled by these winds, at the top of the pass,
climbing evermore, to see Your Panim at last.
With each and every step along the derech,
I tread closer to the refiner’s fire, where
my soul may be unencumbered in Your love.