This constant tug of war will give way
to one side or another when the day is over.
The push and pull, compels me to sway,
back and forth in an era of uncertainty.

Once, upon the shores of this country,
did I stand in bold proclamation, hope
for the huddled masses, seeking solace,
countless gathered from overseas.

Now, as far as my eyes can see,
and as bright as my torch reveals,
I search for an inkling of the truth,
for which I stand upon this harbor.

Amber waves of grain cannot conceal,

the discontent across the land;

nor, can the majestic mountain ranges

inspire my children’s hearts to sing.

Instead, the voices of the populace

rise up in protest on the right and left;

a people, divided, falling prey to unity,

akin to tyranny on the horizon.