Sweat, discipline, and a weekly regimen,

fosters a strong will, and a determination

that prevails each and everyday, until

the end of the semester, after testing

~ we cross the span of the river ~

To feast on miso soup, sushi, and sashimi;

cups of green tea, and sake throughout dinner.

Conversation turns towards Japan, where

all devoted students would like to train.

Soul Cleanse

Soul Cleanse

Renewal is at hand;
despite those few occasions,
when my awareness slowly unfolds,
as if by restoration from Above.
My scattered self, arranged
into something that resembles yesterday’s me.

not until my second cup of tea,
am I able to recognize
any continuity of familiarity;
and, so, I wonder, is the rest of my soul still dreaming?
Or, perhaps, fragments of my psyche
have not yet been retrieved,
from Shomayim (Heaven),
where they are still being cleansed.