Understanding is born out of the silence of the heart.

Beyond these shadows of darkness, hiding in the corners,

the light will prevail, truth will be revealed to those who seek;

and, faith will triumph over the lure of worldly agendas.

There is more than one kath├Ękon, who will stand

against the sweeping tide of secularism;

more than one enlightened soul,

who knows of the revelation from Above.

Nothing under the sun will remain hidden in the darkness,

nor will any untruth echo into the depths of the mind.

The truth will be shown to all in due time, by a heavenly voice,

not the fact checkers, censors, and big media outlets.

Have you not considered, have you not heard?

We are being constantly inundated by the viewpoints,

espoused by those who are given a voice in the media;

while all dissent, silenced, fades from the public eye.

Am I living in the same world that existed yesterday?

If they had their way, they would even cancel out G-d.

Will I acquiesce to the silence?

poem: Heir

We will bow in due time
to the righteous heir of the throne.

Until then, the way is paved for us;
so, let us help others along the way.

Lest the new normal bring complacency,
may we transcend the status quo.

Settle for nothing less than a vision
of the future, under G-d’s rule.

When His Kingdom is established,
by the One who appears from the clouds.

The two witnesses wil decry the apostasy,
and strengthen our moral resolve.

Moses and Elijah, steadfast in their faith,
will serve to remind us of the truth.