The world sings backin harmony with my words,providing the much needed chorusto the solo nature of my life. Am I really a microcosmof the greater Macrocosmof the expanding Universeand its Designer? Or am I only a smallspeck in the Universe,floating around unmoored,like a piece of cosmic debris? My own nature dependsupon the nurture of theContinue reading “Harmony”

We Will Be

Step back, in your soul;in your heart, reach out towards the far corners of the earth.Know, that I will be with you there.I Shall Be Who I Shall Be. In all your nisyanos,I will be within the midst,to comfort you in the stormsof a life, seemingly gone wrong. Know that all shall beas all isContinue reading “We Will Be”


In the twilight of life,at the turning pointupon the hill of habit,shall I descend the other side,or garner my wings and fly? Having not remembered my Creator, until the days of my youth were past, I am caught midway in the flight of fancy by a torrent of wind that creates resistance to change, evenContinue reading “Inertia”


Ordinariness is plain and simple, calm and pleasant, placid and unperturbable. “If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there; if I make my bed in hell, thou art there” (Psalm 139:8). Yet, when I take a walk around the block to get some fresh air, and clear my thoughts, it seems like within theContinue reading “Ordinariness”

Life Is

Life is actual, happening in the moment, real to all who are present, not to be concretized. Experienced in different ways, open to interpretation, in the eye of the beholder, precious to the Creator, treasured by the soul. Not to be repeated, uniquely personal, open to possibilities, encapsulating change. Like a kaleidoscope, ever turning around,Continue reading “Life Is”

poetry: Perspective

Silent, lonely solitude, darkens my feelings, enlightens my mind. No other truce between the world and I has existed, until this time. The duration of my sojourning, stationary in my domicile, will persist, as I become accustomed to the quietude that surrounds me. As my thoughts settle, and my heart is calm, I gravitate toContinue reading “poetry: Perspective”