Healing Balm

You are the light, that resides bright,in my heart, I keep you in sight;waiting each day, for your great mightto heal earth’s blight, to heal earth’s blight. My own afflictions, are in needof healing balm from Gilead;shine your light on Zion, my G’d,we will concede, we will concede. Seeing that You, beyond the sky,hear ourContinue reading “Healing Balm”

Chiaroscuro in Pixels

It is very hard to write this way, beginning things backward…– Hemmingway, The Torrents of Spring (1926) Like a canvas, a tabla rasa, a fertile void, I sit in front of the screen with a blank document. The contents of my personal past, impressions, stored in long term memory, surface upon reflection. The neocortex bearsContinue reading “Chiaroscuro in Pixels”

To Be Human

You’re perfect in your imperfectness, complete in your incompleteness; and, whole in your brokenness. Life is full of paradoxes, that only G-d can mend, by unravelling the tangled threads of our existence. Bringing together past and present, reconciling our souls to the future Kingdom, already present in our hearts.