The world appears to be asleep, while I am awake, drinking my cup of green tea, shortly before midnight. Yet, I surmise that many fellow night owls, like myself, are, perhaps, also awake, across this vast continent, even behind the screen that serves as an interface for a global connection of like-minded spirits. Yet, soContinue reading “Stillness”

Hopeful Musings

My busyness, where does it lead me? I become like a tangled necklace, an overlapping puzzle, as if one can imagine the pieces, a small amount too large to fit together – disorder is the result. ~~~~~~~~~~ A disordered soul, where will this lead me? astray in the wilderness, and, in due time, alone inContinue reading “Hopeful Musings”

haibun: Clay Vessel

You mock yourself, when you do not uphold your own ideals, like the fool, who does not walk the talk. Patiently, you try to succeed, only to fall down a rung or two, on Jacob’s ladder. Do you dare to go where angels tread? Or reach the heights of Icarus? O mortal man, if youContinue reading “haibun: Clay Vessel”


“Sing unto the L-RD a new song, and His praise in the assembly of the saints. – Psalm 149:1, JPS 1917 Tanach Taming the beast within, so that I may sing, akin to the songs of the tzaddikim, who succeed in transcending the yetzer harah (evil inclination), that makes so much din, in an attemptContinue reading “Prudence”


An unmeasured amount of blessings, found within these two leather boxes; a treasure beyond compare to things, discarded after wear & tear, and disuse. My tefillin contain the keys to life, divinely-inspired words for my heart, to contemplate, while setting aside strife; and permit my soul to regain its art. These pearls of lasting value,Continue reading “heirloom”

Seek the Light

Broken unity, echoes across time, down through the ages, as darkness covers this world; we yearn for reconciliation. As the day draws near, our tears become crystal clear, for the redemption is at hand, and all across the land, the fissures of the earth are healed, as the names of the faithful are sealed, inContinue reading “Seek the Light”

Elegy 2

Is it at all possiblefor your soul to be lifted upout of the flames that consumedyour body in the crematorium?Only ashes now, as a keepsakethat I can not understand,for our treasure is in heaven,and your soul is unbound,by the constraints of the body.Yet, the question remainsof your place in Olam Haba,or consignment to an eternityofContinue reading “Elegy 2”