Divine Pillar

The foaming, frothing sea, gleams in the light cast upon us, safe on the lee of the Angel, standing fast against the army of Mitzraim. Behind me, towers the pillar of cloud, obscuring the bowers where the enemy is shrouded in the darkness of night. There is only one way for us to pursue, inContinue reading “Divine Pillar”

Silent Light

The menorah lights, too soon burn down to the wicks; watching in silence. I gather my prayers and intentions, for a life that will transcend the darkness of the past. Every Chanukah now is bittersweet, as it seems that hope is as fragile as the last moments of the candles flickering flames, before the wicksContinue reading “Silent Light”


The world appears to be asleep, while I am awake, drinking my cup of green tea, shortly before midnight. Yet, I surmise that many fellow night owls, like myself, are, perhaps, also awake, across this vast continent, even behind the screen that serves as an interface for a global connection of like-minded spirits. Yet, soContinue reading “Stillness”

We Will Be

Step back, in your soul;in your heart, reach out towards the far corners of the earth.Know, that I will be with you there.I Shall Be Who I Shall Be. In all your nisyanos,I will be within the midst,to comfort you in the stormsof a life, seemingly gone wrong. Know that all shall beas all isContinue reading “We Will Be”

Reflections on a Bris Milah

It’s the middle of the week, two days after Chanukah, one day after the memorial of my father’s transition, according to the Gregorian calendar. I attended a bris this afternoon at the local shul. While standing silently in the last row of a small sanctuary, during the proceedings, with the sunlight streaming through the windows, andContinue reading “Reflections on a Bris Milah”


An unmeasured amount of blessings, found within these two leather boxes; a treasure beyond compare to things, discarded after wear & tear, and disuse. My tefillin contain the keys to life, divinely-inspired words for my heart, to contemplate, while setting aside strife; and permit my soul to regain its art. These pearls of lasting value,Continue reading “heirloom”

Lech Lecha

Abraham left behind him,country, home, and kin,to heed the call of a lifetime,and seek what he needed to find,instead of simply blending in. Promised to be divinely blessed,he was continuously put to the test;and, passing challenges with flying colors,surpassed all grief and dolor,turning away from sin. Yes, Abraham paved the way towards G-d,so that hisContinue reading “Lech Lecha”

Rosh HaShannah

apples and honey,sweeten the New Year’s advent;Rosh HaShannah bliss. As Rosh HaShannah, the New Year on the Hebrew calendar approaches, I prepare my soul, so that I might be able to stand before the King on Judgment Day. Selichos (the penitential prayers) have already begun; these prayers will continue, until the eve of the DayContinue reading “Rosh HaShannah”