poetry: Prayer

Avail yourself of prayer,
Seek the heavenly realm
Climb the ascending stairs,
Transcend the mundane.

Lift up your thoughts
to the world Above,
here, there is nought,
Anything except love.

When your soul finds the time
to commune with your Maker,
G-d’s mercy you will find,
As you begin to awake.

These morning blues,
May be cast off today,
Change doleful hues
Beyond shades of grey.

Every chance amongst the hours,
you may return to a place of solace,
By recollecting your soul without dour,
being mindful of time and place.

There are no heights unreachable,
when you set your mind on Him
Transformation is possible,
Without any chagrin.

poetry: Sacred Words

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

Captured by the silence,
everything intensifies,
including my fears, especially
when I neglect my prayers.

Only sacred words
have the power to sustain me.
When my avodas is diminished,
I become entrenched in the mire.

My thoughts wander,
and silence turns oppressive,
until I reach into the depths
of my soul for a heartfelt prayer.

With the help of the Ruach,
my words will transcend time and space,
reaching out to the heavens,
like sweet smelling incense.

poem: Silence

I call out in silence,
from the depth of my soul,
unto the depth of Your
unfathomable wisdom.

When You respond with a nudge,
or an intuition sent from Heaven,
it is done so in the silence of my heart.
And, I am at Your Mercy.

Your kindnesses to me are beyond
my ability to appreciate, in all gratitude,
what has been done, over the years.
And, I falter for honest words,
that express the essence
of remorse for my negligence.

Shema – hear, listen, hearken
and understand the Word of G-d,
silently reaching out in the darkness
of our lives. Heed the call.

poem: Surface Values

You have still
only scratched the surface,
of your resistance towards a life lived,
in due respect towards the Creator,
and all of His creation,
both animate and inanimate.

Yet, the greater challenge is
to plummet the depths of your soul,
by exposing the tainted layers of neglect
that must be peeled away.

Like an archaeology dig,
wherein every layer’s artifacts
are carefully categorized,
and stored away for further analysis.
The soul is at the center,
buried beneath the years
of living a life unexamined,
having carelessly made your way
through the wilderness
of childhood and young adulthood.

poem: Bestowal

Let not the Adversary
steal your peace of mind,
nor the benefits of prayer,
so efficacious for your soul.

Set your heart upon Me;
I will set my seal upon you.
A seat is reserved for you
at the Wedding Banquet.

Until that time, your soul
may rest upon these promises,
that you may not be compromised
in body, mind, nor spirit.

May your self esteem improve,
and your soul be nourished
with all the gifts from Heaven,
that will be bestowed upon you
in due time.

poem: Beyond Stasis

If we are bidden to sit still,
quietly awaiting for this to pass,
then we acknowledge His will,
and demonstrate acceptance.

Yet, if we envision our near future,
as no different than our recent past,
then we have missed the point, and,
have not taken the opportunity to change.

In the chaos around us,
there must be a still point,
a central focus for our lives,
amidst these challenges.

From that point, hope is born,
fear subsides, anxieties flee,
calm permeates the air we breathe;
the expectation of a new day
will help us to endure.

poem: Endurance

I had forgotten about viewing
each and every headache or annoyance
as a desired cross to bear in the moment.

Only desired, as a fulfillment
of G-d’s unique will for me,
meant to lead towards Him.

And, these moments will add up
to an eternity of bliss and equanimity,
once accepted with the grace supplied.

For no challenge, nor consequence
is too great of a burden, when
we cast our vision towards Him.

Smouldering, beneath a facade
of pretension, lies the truth
of the human condition.

No expectation will be met,
unless we make every effort
on our own to succeed.

G-d will make up the difference:
He will bridge the gap between
our weakness and His strength.

poem: Direction

Photo by Raul Petri on Unsplash

There is only One who is good,
our Father in Heaven, Who looks
down upon us with a benevolent gaze.

Not that our limited perception
can always comprehend the intention
of His guidance in our lives.

Nor, may we perceive
the immediate benefit
of the direction He points.

Yet, He will always be merciful to us,
even though we may be wounded
along the way we are shown to take.

poem: Reflection

I believe
that the only other opportunity
that I would have to reflect,
for as much time as I do,
while sheltering in place,
despite the lessening of restrictions,
is if I lived in a monastery.

Here, in my quiet dwelling,
a one room apartment,
with everything I need,
for constant contemplation,
and no distractions,
as l long as I have the fan on
for background noise, or
my earbuds, while listening
to music without lyrics,
I remain in stasis; yet,
am able to plumb
the depths of my soul.

poetry: The Last Things

You turn the hearts of mankind,
to a place of contrition,
like the dust of the earth,
being reminded of its lowliness.

Yet, for the recalcitrant,
their hearts compel them
to continue in their ways,
regardless of their destiny.

The last things need to be kept in mind,
or else our glory, we can not find.
Yet, some would act in reckless abandon,
ignoring our common fate in the earth.

Without a vision, our humanity perishes,
like a dandelion’s tufts blowing in the wind.
Each tiny red seed carried aloft
on a silver grey strand of gossamer.

Life itself is ephemeral,
and the soul eternal –
carried away at the time of death,
to a place of recompense.