Being Human

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This being human is

more of a responsibility than a freedom,

in need of a guidebook, not carte blanche;

we are not left alone in the playground of the world,

our Father in Heaven watches over us from Above.

Sometimes, forgetfulness seeps into my mind,

even while I try my best to follow the rules;

brings me back to basics, every now and then,

hopeful to find inspiration in the written word.

Ignorance of the divine blueprint of life,

brought me into conflict with my soul;

yet, I learned after enduring much strife,

that following G-dā€™s will is the key to the whole.

A life in pursuit of worldly bliss,

is best challenged by a desire to seek;

the path for a purpose in life will eclipse

the tendency towards natural instinct.


ā€œI wound, and I heal.ā€ ā€“ Deuteronomy 32:9

“I am the bud and the blossom, I am the late-falling leaf.”

– Paul Dunbar, the Paradox

We are Thy glory, when we follow in Thy footsteps;

yet, when we miss the opportunity to do good,

in all likelihood, we might go astray.

Nevertheless, in every moment, we are given a choice,

whether to turn towards Thee, or to turn away;

let us not miss the mark, when clearly seen.

You are the beginning and the end,

of all that I seek in this world;

being above and beyond mundanity.

The initial intuition, and the resultant fruit,

of all the good deeds mentioned under the sun;

from birth, through life, and in the end,

You will be with me.

Go forth

“Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where G-d was.” – Exodus 20:18, JPS 1917 Tanach

Go forth

into the darkness of the cloud;

an effortless transition

into the sacred realm

of time and space

on Mount Sinai.

Enter the mystery every day,

wherein the way is unknown;

bring back the light of truth,

so that you may be strengthened.


I only permit others
to see fragments of myself,
while I remain the sole
knower of the whole.

Thus, the facets may glisten
in the eyes of those who see
only the dimensions of self
that are presented.

Each and every person,
that has some correspondence
with the person called me,
sees only to a limited degree.

An approximate glance
of each and every facet
may be gleaned by one
who is circumspect.

As is written,
in kitvei kodesh,
guard your mind,
heart, and soul.

To Be Human

You’re perfect in your imperfectness,

complete in your incompleteness;

and, whole in your brokenness.

Life is full of paradoxes,

that only G-d can mend,

by unravelling the tangled

threads of our existence.

Bringing together past and present,

reconciling our souls to the future

Kingdom, already present in our hearts.


Is the past beyond redemption?
Can not the truth be retrieved
from amidst this disorderly pile
of worn out tattered journals?

The dust that has collected,
must be sifted out from amongst
these scattered pages, uncategorized;
yet, containing the codes of my life.

A life, previously unraveled,
like nucleotides rearranged on a double helix,
twisting and turning along an invisible axis
of the original blueprint of life.

In the distance – a light –
that bears witness to the tragic notes,
sounded out throughout an endeavor
to peer through the darkness.

In time, the dust becomes
visible to the eye of the soul,
when the first ray of dawn,
shines through the window.

Every particle, suspended in the air,
for a brief moment, before settling
down on the floor, vanishes from sight,
like the bioluminescence of fireflies.


erev Tu b’Shevat 5781

Every bell rings true

at the wedding of Adam and Eve.

All of the animals, flowers and trees,

pay homage to the crown of creation.

There is a music inside the ten utterances

of the Creator, Who brought all into being.

As each seedling sprouted, a world was born;

and, every niche was made for its own species.

Only today, as stewards, we have forgotten,

how to honor the contract between us and G-d,

when we demonstrate our carelessness,

as species die out, fading from the earth.

Rebirth, renewal, and awareness of life,

will bring us closer to Paradise, while

our souls are uplifted towards Heaven;

in search of a divine betrothal.