O Aviv, upon your full moon, hinge all of the promises anew. The grains of the barley harvest, are roasted, ground, and sifted. Mixed with oil, a handful of frankincense placed on top. Then, consumed by the flames, it’s smoke arises to Shomayim. Thus, completed, we may partake of the abundance of the harvest. TheContinue reading “Aviv”


1 Nissan 5781 Running, the tempest behind me, still present in my thoughts and dreams; yet, somewhere on the horizon, I can see in the distance, there is a place serene. Joyous within myself, outwardly smiling, my emotions never surface enough to be visible; perhaps, a trait from my ancestors upbringing, learned men of books,Continue reading “Promise”

poem: Hope

foundations crumbling, under the pressureof influences beyond control of the common man.faith in G-d increases amidst the righteous,while cities surge, yearning for something better. in their eyes, the disguise is unrecognized,with misplaced expectations they continueto trust in man and his endless promises,unrealized in every single age of history. yet, we look towards a new dawn,whereContinue reading “poem: Hope”

poem: Dawn 2

Biding my time, in syncopationwith the angels fluttering by,outside of my window, during the day,and receding into heaven by dusk. They will return to gather the electchildren of G-d, waiting in patiencefor the darkness to pass at last,revealing the truth on High. At dawn, we will be lifted into the air,transcending once and for all,thisContinue reading “poem: Dawn 2”

poetry: Afterglow

this is the calm before the storm,for those who take refuge in the makom,while sheltering in place, reflectingupon what is essential in life. the afterglow of sanctity will strengthenall, who look towards shomayim (heaven)in anticipation of the final call, the Geulah –when the shofar will resound across the world. Redemption is at hand: Moshiach awaits,theContinue reading “poetry: Afterglow”

poetry: Reveal

Cast away the veneer,search below the surface.Peel the old paint away,scrape off the tarnish. Layers of dust collect,over the years of toil,while the soul is neglected,the springs begin to uncoil. Like an ancient clock,that has seen many hourspass by without thoughtupon this nature of ours. For the truth is hidden,within our conscience,concealed by oblivion,held inContinue reading “poetry: Reveal”

poem: Surrender

My heart is surrendered unto You.Your Kingship, I have accepted forevermore.Your lasting value was made known to me,within a moment of eternity. Now, in looking down from Shomayim (Heaven),I am filled with the love that was bestowed upon me.Carry my family in the grace that was shown to me;cradle them in Your mercy until theContinue reading “poem: Surrender”

poetry: Lofty View

The view from HeavenWill shed light on our sorrow,and cast a glow of redemptionUpon our faces tomorrow. This lonely path through the darknessWill lead to strength and determination,Even under these trying circumstances,So that we may live with favor from Above. In expectation of the Aleph-Tav,The first and last, from beginning to end,Since time immemorial,Until theContinue reading “poetry: Lofty View”


An empty life, except for the miracles,an empty past, except for the hope.An empty future, unless I keep my eyes on the prize.Olam Haba, an expectation for tomorrow. Promises made, commitment wanes; yet, grace availsmy soul on the derech (path) towards freedom.Stuck in the mire, reaching out to Shomayim (Heaven).alone in my reverie, except forContinue reading “Emptiness”