All Aboard


All Aboard

I watched pensively for the right moment to take a photo –

the gateway to all trains, so much more profound than it seems.

When their train arrives at its designated gate,

passengers, lined up near the kiosk, in the Great Hall,

march single file, behind an Amtrak employee,

carrying a numbered placard on a pole, raised high like an ensign.

The procession, in all stateliness, speaks of a grand affair,

as if they are walking towards a greater destination.


I am patiently waiting for train #30 at 6:40 p.m.,

watching the time on my electronic device,

to make sure I can start moving closer to the place,

where I know the line will form for my train.

I was unable to get a seat on one of the

long wooden benches, closer to the kiosk,

where the official time, and news briefs

move across the digital screen.

Growing anxious for some unknown reason,

I get up to check the time on the kiosk –

panic, immediately sets in, for I had forgotten

to set my own digital clock ahead by one hour,

upon arriving in Chicago Union Station.

Too late, my intended procession already left;

and, the gate was closed. Destiny awaits.

poem: Strength

I have built a shell around your essence,
depicting you, in a language misunderstood;
enveloping you in a shield of affectation,
while the truth is not fully revealed.

The sun is setting, and the time draws near,
to no longer conceal, your essence to the world.
Until then, I will continue to feel like an utter failure,
self absorbed, pretentious, and full of pride.

For your love can only freely flow,
when the anger dissipates, the fear subsides,
and my doubt collides with the strength of your glory,
shining in the hearts of all mankind.

poetry: Restless

Restless heart, mindless spirit,
driven to and fro across the landscape
of the heart, without reservation,
continuously searching the perimeter,
scanning the horizon for something new.

Relentless in its intention, the yetzer hara
attempts to deceive the soul into thinking
that empty promises will amount to something,
better than the rewards of diligence,
perseverence, and adherence to a rule.

Yet, I know that my daily routine
is arranged with respect towards Heaven,
so that my soul may be lifted up
above this mundane world.
And, no amount of distractions
may be permitted to prevail
over what is Essential.

There is not a single blade of grass,
that is actually greener on the other side
of my sacred moments in time,
nor, the place where I rest in solitude.
Rather, it is the noisy jungle,
outside of my Refuge,
that will remain unexplored,
for the sake of true sanctity.

poetry: Prayer

Avail yourself of prayer,
Seek the heavenly realm
Climb the ascending stairs,
Transcend the mundane.

Lift up your thoughts
to the world Above,
here, there is nought,
Anything except love.

When your soul finds the time
to commune with your Maker,
G-d’s mercy you will find,
As you begin to awake.

These morning blues,
May be cast off today,
Change doleful hues
Beyond shades of grey.

Every chance amongst the hours,
you may return to a place of solace,
By recollecting your soul without dour,
being mindful of time and place.

There are no heights unreachable,
when you set your mind on Him
Transformation is possible,
Without any chagrin.

poem: Direction

Photo by Raul Petri on Unsplash

There is only One who is good,
our Father in Heaven, Who looks
down upon us with a benevolent gaze.

Not that our limited perception
can always comprehend the intention
of His guidance in our lives.

Nor, may we perceive
the immediate benefit
of the direction He points.

Yet, He will always be merciful to us,
even though we may be wounded
along the way we are shown to take.


As above so below. As in Heaven, so on Earth.

He calls us to serve Him; we call upon Him to save us.

We reach out to Him, with all of our own effort;

He returns our plea with all encompassing grace.

We fall, stumble, slip and slide on the path;

He lifts us up, outstretching His arm to do so.

As we ascend to greater heights than could be done alone.

We attempt to go about our business as usual;

He shows us what is more important.

We fail to achieve that which we desire;

He reveals a higher, more rewarding goal to us.

We head in one direction; He shows us another route.

The way is circuitous, never ending from our perspective;

He shows us how to be present in the moment.


An empty life, except for the miracles,
an empty past, except for the hope.
An empty future, unless I keep my eyes on the prize.
Olam Haba, an expectation for tomorrow.

Promises made, commitment wanes; yet, grace avails
my soul on the derech (path) towards freedom.
Stuck in the mire, reaching out to Shomayim (Heaven).
alone in my reverie, except for the Light from Above.

Carry me forward, into the sea of life,
irrespective of the pursuit of the enemy behind me,
flagging me down, trying to get me to turn back
to the emptiness of fleeting pleasures.

Lift me up, above the graves of my past,
resurrect the hope, the strength, and the resolve
to serve You, regardless of the circumstances.
Redeem our lives, as we cross into chayei olam.