poem: Exalted

Every morning,I attempt to serve You anew.Silent calm, and tranquil,when an unbroken chain of avodahprevails, and, I see only You. At other times,I search for validationin a world of darkness,blinded by my own ignorance. What sparks within my soul remainuntainted by the vanitiesof Olam HaZeh (This World)?Is there an opportunity for redemptionin every moment? LearningContinue reading “poem: Exalted”

poetry: Perspective

Silent, lonely solitude, darkens my feelings, enlightens my mind. No other truce between the world and I has existed, until this time. The duration of my sojourning, stationary in my domicile, will persist, as I become accustomed to the quietude that surrounds me. As my thoughts settle, and my heart is calm, I gravitate toContinue reading “poetry: Perspective”