Washed up on the shores of life,
abandoned by the ships that pass by,
and only comforted by the sun – its rays
giving warmth to the soul.

Is this not the existential truth
discovered by all who seek more
than what this world has to offer?
The dark night will claim the soul,
until released into the light.

Transformation begins
when the soul, untethered
by the sins of yesteryear,
may fly above the flood of emotions,
the yearnings of the heart,
the clinging to the past,
and fallen expectations;
all the crushed hopes,
unrecognized dreams,
unrealized ambitions,
and beautiful sadness
of forbidden pleasures.

Then, the soul is free to explore
within the confines of Eden,
without touching the admixture
of good and evil that taunts
our discernment, and taints
our decisions without mercy,
because sin seeks to rule us;
yet, the godly soul must climb
above all that hinders its sanctity.

Ashes Risen

We will rise from the ashes,
as we have always done,
across the generations.
When the vitriolic verbosity
has reached its peak, and
spills over into persecution,
we will not bow to pressure.

We will not remain silent,
except within our hearts,
when we cry out in prayer.
Happy are those who wait,
until the darkness passes
from this time on earth.

Resting Potential

I give myself permission

to sit silently at my desk,

drinking a cup of green tea.

And, who will blink an eye,

as I rest my soul, sheltered

in my personal space, away

from the tumult and toil

of the world outside here?

Free from responding

to my only online critique,

whose comments remain

in my notification box unread.

Free from worrying

about inviting the vitriol

of the opposition upon myself,

through words meant to bring peace;

yet, when I speak, they are for war.

So, I sip my tea, and gather strength

for the morrow, hoping dawn will bring

a new day, free of enmity and strife.


When merged

within the singsong chant

of a chassidic melody,

the congregant’s souls become one

for a brief moment, encapsulated

by the deveykus (connection)

to G-d that is fostered

by the unity.

~~~~~ ~~~~~

The sway

of the congregants

while davening (praying),

like flickering flames on candles,

reaching toward heaven,

assist the soul’s yearning

for deveykus (connection).

Lost and Found

Over the years,

beyond the tears,

the sweetness of life,

was replaced with strife.

Lost amongst the waves

that wash up on the shore,

and recede back into the deep,

until the grace of G-d

was bestowed upon me.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

A second chance,

given at the cost of leaving

everything behind me,

for the sake of renewal –

amazing in and of itself,

to reflect on this opportunity,

an open door into eternity.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

My vision restored,

after years of searching,

my heart renewed,

upon learning the truth.

My soul embraced

by a divine friendship,

and my faith in G-d above

blessed by His servants on earth.*

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

*inspired by the hymn, Amazing Grace

Ashen Fallout

“Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the L-rd, who am but dust and ashes.” – Genesis 18:27, JPS 1917 Tanach

Will you neglect

to protect the innocent,

in the chaos that will ensue

upon the earth,

when the clouds block out

the sunlight across the globe?

The unrepentant have their due;

guard the ones who call upon you

when the ashes begin to fall.


Desire, banished into the wind;
and, the shadows of the enemy,
vanquished upon the earliest rays
of sunlight at dawn.

That the truth may be upheld,
in all of its splendor and glory;
and emunah restore the confidence,
that slipped away in the night.

This is the derech of the pious:
to enlighten the eyes of others,
even while facing challenges;
looking toward chayei olam.


Unravel your thinking;
like cords tied together,
being loosed from the tangle.


Enlighten your eyes,
with the light from Above;
free your mind, and
liberate your soul.

L’rd, untie the bundled sins, accept the prayer of your people; strengthen us, purify us, bless us, show us pity. May Your righteousness always reward us. Turn to Your people. Accept our prayers.*

*excerpted from Ana Bekoach