Silent Light

The menorah lights, too soon burn down to the wicks; watching in silence. I gather my prayers and intentions, for a life that will transcend the darkness of the past. Every Chanukah now is bittersweet, as it seems that hope is as fragile as the last moments of the candles flickering flames, before the wicksContinue reading “Silent Light”

Hopeful Musings

My busyness, where does it lead me? I become like a tangled necklace, an overlapping puzzle, as if one can imagine the pieces, a small amount too large to fit together – disorder is the result. ~~~~~~~~~~ A disordered soul, where will this lead me? astray in the wilderness, and, in due time, alone inContinue reading “Hopeful Musings”

We Will Be

Step back, in your soul;in your heart, reach out towards the far corners of the earth.Know, that I will be with you there.I Shall Be Who I Shall Be. In all your nisyanos,I will be within the midst,to comfort you in the stormsof a life, seemingly gone wrong. Know that all shall beas all isContinue reading “We Will Be”

haibun: Clay Vessel

You mock yourself, when you do not uphold your own ideals, like the fool, who does not walk the talk. Patiently, you try to succeed, only to fall down a rung or two, on Jacob’s ladder. Do you dare to go where angels tread? Or reach the heights of Icarus? O mortal man, if youContinue reading “haibun: Clay Vessel”

Elegy 2

Is it at all possiblefor your soul to be lifted upout of the flames that consumedyour body in the crematorium?Only ashes now, as a keepsakethat I can not understand,for our treasure is in heaven,and your soul is unbound,by the constraints of the body.Yet, the question remainsof your place in Olam Haba,or consignment to an eternityofContinue reading “Elegy 2”

Ashes Risen

We will rise from the ashes,as we have always done,across the generations.When the vitriolic verbosityhas reached its peak, andspills over into persecution,we will not bow to pressure. We will not remain silent,except within our hearts,when we cry out in prayer.Happy are those who wait,until the darkness passesfrom this time on earth.

Memory Lane

By Your light, may we see light. Psalm 36:10 A wistful evening, as I reflect upon past Thanksgivings; a blend of events and images would stream by, if I were able to place these within the framework of a lens, montage footage, spanning twenty-five years. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Thanksgiving dinner on Gabriola Island, where I livedContinue reading “Memory Lane”

Resting Potential

I give myself permission to sit silently at my desk, drinking a cup of green tea. And, who will blink an eye, as I rest my soul, sheltered in my personal space, away from the tumult and toil of the world outside here? Free from responding to my only online critique, whose comments remain inContinue reading “Resting Potential”