poetry: Lofty View

The view from Heaven
Will shed light on our sorrow,
and cast a glow of redemption
Upon our faces tomorrow.

This lonely path through the darkness
Will lead to strength and determination,
Even under these trying circumstances,
So that we may live with favor from Above.

In expectation of the Aleph-Tav,
The first and last, from beginning to end,
Since time immemorial,
Until the Kingdom Come.

poetry: Dawn

May the seeds be planted,
and the sparks be renewed.

May the living waters
quench your thirst.

May, b’ezrach H’Shem,
you be restored to wholeness.

May your slumbering soul
awaken to the light.

May the darkness lift,
so that you can see

beyond your expectations
into the perfect dawn.

poetry: hisbodedus

Early morning reverie

transitions into a prayerful melody

of lost causes, fallen hopes,

unrealized dreams,

and unfulfilled potential,

all transformed into words

uplifted, elevated like sparks,

redeemed from the crucible,

By the promise of a new day.

poetry: complacency

Shall I flagellate myself with words,
designed to bring me down
to a level of unworthiness,
irreconcilable with my L-rd?

Or, shall I permit myself the liberty
of feeling content with my avodah,
knowing that despite my failures in the past,
I am making the effort to serve?

The answer is somewhere in between:
not grovelling in the dirt, like Job,
crying out from a place of despair,
nor, patting myself on the back
with a complacent smile.

Rather, the expression of my praise
to the One who led me out of the darkness
into the light of a new life, wonderfully reveals
my gratitude, for lifting me out of the mire.

Like Jacob, I am not worthy
of the mercy and truth
that has been shown to me,
yet, I am still His servant.

poetry: Shelter

Driven, to sustain ourselves,
in light of the circumstances,
that prevail upon us everyday,
as if blind to G-d’s Provision.

Even in times of scarcity,
He provides for His children,
as He did in the Wilderness
for B’nei Yisrael.

Despite the times
of economic travail,
physical and mental suffering,
emotional duress, and fear
of an unimaginable future

He will provide comfort
to those who seek refuge in Him;
forbearance of our hardships,
when we turn towards Him;
and, Guidance, when we
have no more answers.

poetry: neshama

Soaring like a bird for a moment,
the soul glides above the oceans of its journey,
a single lifespan spent with the body,
while navigating life’s challenges.

Steering a course,
according to divine blueprints.
Guiding the individual,
through the wilderness of life.

What strife, is encountered along the way,
by the bodies resistance to stay the course,
like a butterfly trapped in a car,
a bird in a gilded cage.

poetry: Perspective

Silent, lonely solitude,

darkens my feelings,

enlightens my mind.

No other truce

between the world and I

has existed, until this time.

The duration of my sojourning,

stationary in my domicile,

will persist, as I become accustomed

to the quietude that surrounds me.

As my thoughts settle, and my heart is calm,

I gravitate to the understanding

that a lifetime spent in hectic embrace

with the world is an allotment

not worth nearly as much as

searching the empty spaces,

between revelation and mundanity,

my inbreath and my outbreath,

past experiences and current news.

poetry: Soul

One prayer found in his pocket,
the Shema Yisrael – encompassing
all that would be necessary to survive
the ensuing days in Auschwitz.

A blessing in disguise, only realized
after he lost his life’s work at the entrance.
Faith in G-d supplants our own designs,
and rearranges the times, according
to the penultimate design of our souls.

For He knows what is best – Our Father,
Who looks down from His vantage point
upon mankind, struggling in the mire of existence,
without hope, trying to grasp a dwindling future.
Yet, He will provide nourishment to sustain
the soul in the Darkness of Night.

poetry: Preservation

G-d is an equal opportunity employer,

searching the collective heart of mankind,

for those human beings who are

inquisitive enough to delve

into unknown territory

in search of relevant questions.

Like vessels, we shall be refined,

with protective layers of glaze,

so that what is contained within us

will never be diminished.

When G-d calls us into His service,

the proper response is Hineni –

here I am, in the present moment,

flawed, yet, unfettered,

wounded, yet, unafraid,

broken, yet, unconquered,

ready to serve.