Seek the Light

Broken unity, echoes across time, down through the ages, as darkness covers this world; we yearn for reconciliation. As the day draws near, our tears become crystal clear, for the redemption is at hand, and all across the land, the fissures of the earth are healed, as the names of the faithful are sealed, inContinue reading “Seek the Light”

Memory Lane

By Your light, may we see light. Psalm 36:10 A wistful evening, as I reflect upon past Thanksgivings; a blend of events and images would stream by, if I were able to place these within the framework of a lens, montage footage, spanning twenty-five years. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Thanksgiving dinner on Gabriola Island, where I livedContinue reading “Memory Lane”

The Climb

A treasured moment to be with you, a beatific glimpse of chayei olam, seeking wisdom, abiding in truth, climbing the ladder to Shomayim. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Prayer from the heart, sublime in word, distractions set aside, a time to soothe, climbing the ladder to Shomayim, seeking wisdom, abiding in truth. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ The neshamahContinue reading “The Climb”

Stand with Me

I stand, amidst controversy, thrive amongst subtleties, arrange my life accordingly to the truths that stand on their own. Standing room only in Heaven, when the righteous, downtrodden, and marginalized; misunderstood, voiceless, and persecuted will enter into their glory. Will you stand with me?

Healing Balm

You are the light, that resides bright,in my heart, I keep you in sight;waiting each day, for your great mightto heal earth’s blight, to heal earth’s blight. My own afflictions, are in needof healing balm from Gilead;shine your light on Zion, my G’d,we will concede, we will concede. Seeing that You, beyond the sky,hear ourContinue reading “Healing Balm”

Silence of the Pearl

Focused on my own comfort, like an oyster, easily irritated by a grain of sand in its home, I seek to minimize the pain. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ The many coatings of calcium carbonate, secreted as a self-defense mechanism, create a shiny lustrous pearl, treasured by the human aesthetic appreciation. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Shall this notContinue reading “Silence of the Pearl”

Plea of the Pearl

There is something greater, than can be imagined, on the other side of the Veil. Something beyond compare to anything that can be found in this world. Yet, you continue to dive for pearls, as if treasures can only be manifest by searching the seas. Our tears of compassion will be dried by the angels.Continue reading “Plea of the Pearl”

Mercy Abides

Mercy abides in the heart, despite all sorrow; where G-d has planted eternity as well, so that we know what will be, beyond this world, no longer needing to live in fear of the inevitable. For, the remedy has already been applied, like a bandage upon this wounded world, whereas mourning will turn into joyContinue reading “Mercy Abides”