Ashen Fallout

“Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the L-rd, who am but dust and ashes.” – Genesis 18:27, JPS 1917 Tanach Will you neglect to protect the innocent, in the chaos that will ensue upon the earth, when the clouds block out the sunlight across the globe? The unrepentant have their due;Continue reading “Ashen Fallout”


Ancient orchards, where flowers grew, and fruit trees blossomed. ancient vineyards, where the grapes of gan eden brought rejuvenation – an appreciation of life, in communion with G-d. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ These flowers are now wilted, and the fruit is no longer sweet; the grapes have withered, they are become b’ushim.* ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Falling backward, inContinue reading “Journey”

Seekn’ Life

Renewal is possible through teshuvah; the past can be redeemed. Like flowers that wilt in due time after blooming – their beauty is not forgotten. The Talmud goes so far as to say that past sins can be changed into merits; yet, this is purely figurative language, that speaks of a profound change. Like theContinue reading “Seekn’ Life”


Chassidism emphasizes the importance of setting aside time for introspection, each and every day, in order to search the soul, for flaws, negative character traits, and the accumulation of unwanted emotions. Yet, there are times when a spontaneous shift occurs, almost as if the soul has a natural element, given to a self cleanse mode,Continue reading “Bittersweet”

soul journey

A soul, satiated, not with the pleasures of the world, nor the intoxication of life; rather, content with the taste of love from Above, no longer running in haste, away from His treasure trove. A mind, relaxed, permitting everything to unfold, without succumbing to strife; passing opportunities by, in favor of the everlasting; for theContinue reading “soul journey”