O Aviv, upon your full moon, hinge all of the promises anew. The grains of the barley harvest, are roasted, ground, and sifted. Mixed with oil, a handful of frankincense placed on top. Then, consumed by the flames, it’s smoke arises to Shomayim. Thus, completed, we may partake of the abundance of the harvest. TheContinue reading “Aviv”

To Be Human

You’re perfect in your imperfectness, complete in your incompleteness; and, whole in your brokenness. Life is full of paradoxes, that only G-d can mend, by unravelling the tangled threads of our existence. Bringing together past and present, reconciling our souls to the future Kingdom, already present in our hearts.

poem: Dawn 2

Biding my time, in syncopationwith the angels fluttering by,outside of my window, during the day,and receding into heaven by dusk. They will return to gather the electchildren of G-d, waiting in patiencefor the darkness to pass at last,revealing the truth on High. At dawn, we will be lifted into the air,transcending once and for all,thisContinue reading “poem: Dawn 2”

poetry: Revival

Expect miracles,For is this not our only hope?The undying grace of G-dwill enliven our souls. Each day may be sanctifiedby the cleansing of our spirit.In the morning, renewal of life;in the evening, a place of restbestowed upon us, so thatrejuvenation will prevail. Light excels darkness,wisdom surpasses foolishness,compassion, melts bellicose designs;love transcends the hatred of theContinue reading “poetry: Revival”