poem: Exalted

Every morning,I attempt to serve You anew.Silent calm, and tranquil,when an unbroken chain of avodahprevails, and, I see only You. At other times,I search for validationin a world of darkness,blinded by my own ignorance. What sparks within my soul remainuntainted by the vanitiesof Olam HaZeh (This World)?Is there an opportunity for redemptionin every moment? LearningContinue reading “poem: Exalted”

poetry: Preservation

G-d is an equal opportunity employer, searching the collective heart of mankind, for those human beings who are inquisitive enough to delve into unknown territory in search of relevant questions. Like vessels, we shall be refined, with protective layers of glaze, so that what is contained within us will never be diminished. When G-d callsContinue reading “poetry: Preservation”