Silent Reverie

Silence,opens to potential,provides a fertile void,for sincere thoughtsto blossom. Yet, words unspokenout of fear, or cowardicewill continue to hauntthe conscience over time. I will not remain silent,as the world descendsinto the grey of conformity,suppressing all other colors. I will not be complicitwith the faceless tyrannyof political correctness,that crushes the voice of truth. I will notContinue reading “Silent Reverie”


Freedom Quenched The common blunder of mankind, is to not inquire; group think will render us helpless, to be plundered in the mire. Under common rule, the populace is deceived; living under tyranny, all are suspect, no one is believed. North Korean defectors speak of outlandish tales; unknown to Westerners in a world of opportunityContinue reading “Freedom”