Resting Potential

I give myself permission to sit silently at my desk, drinking a cup of green tea. And, who will blink an eye, as I rest my soul, sheltered in my personal space, away from the tumult and toil of the world outside here? Free from responding to my only online critique, whose comments remain inContinue reading “Resting Potential”


They’re all trying to rule, direct, and guide While I’m trying to bide my time and find The freedom within in order to blossom As a human being without chagrin. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Falling prey to the sway of the rhyme Of someone else’s poetic construction, People pleasing was never something That I thought toContinue reading “Solitude”

poem: The Search

L-rd,I have no other recourse,except towards You.In this world, alone,more than with others;yet, always with You,when I seek comfort. To search for solace,anywhere else is futile;to deny this is foolish;and, to yearn for othersto comprehend my path,is only a vindicationof the fact that thosewho live within the world,without trying to seek ruchniyos,can not understand thosewhoContinue reading “poem: The Search”