poetry: Stumbling

Stumbling, every day in my heart;
partaking, of the hope in the air.
Reckoning, the dark with the light;
finding, the strength within to care.

Trembling, with expectation;
yearning, for the sake of Heaven.
Pleading, to find direction;
Forsaking, yesterday’s leaven.

Looking out for tomorrow’s promise;
while still floundering, indecisively.
Wavering between two poles;
trying to keep the truth in sight.

The journey will be worthwhile,
beyond all life’s expectations.
Like finally arriving in style,
at a great wedding banquet.

poetry: Sublime

Do not eschew wisdom;
nor, turn your heart away from Me.
I am the L-RD your G-d, Who 
brought you out of bondage.

Rest in the refuge that G-d provides,
when we turn our heart towards Him.
If we search elsewhere, we will falter;
yet, He will guide us Home.

Everything that is done 
under the sun of healing,
shall be revealed as one,
within the tapestry of life.

Opposites collide with each other,
when we choose to live in fear.
Yet, tiferes combines all things,
that would otherwise appear disparate.

Adoshem echad, u’shmo echad.
The L-rd is one, above in Binah;
His name is one, within Malchus.
His radiance permeates everything.

poetry: Restless

Restless heart, mindless spirit,
driven to and fro across the landscape
of the heart, without reservation,
continuously searching the perimeter,
scanning the horizon for something new.

Relentless in its intention, the yetzer hara
attempts to deceive the soul into thinking
that empty promises will amount to something,
better than the rewards of diligence,
perseverence, and adherence to a rule.

Yet, I know that my daily routine
is arranged with respect towards Heaven,
so that my soul may be lifted up
above this mundane world.
And, no amount of distractions
may be permitted to prevail
over what is Essential.

There is not a single blade of grass,
that is actually greener on the other side
of my sacred moments in time,
nor, the place where I rest in solitude.
Rather, it is the noisy jungle,
outside of my Refuge,
that will remain unexplored,
for the sake of true sanctity.

poetry: Listen

L-rd, listen to my plea, help me to
discover the nature of this issue,
the roots of this continual problem,
the crux of this challenging dilemma.

The murkiness keeps resurfacing,
with ever increasing strength,
when given leeway to uproot
the positivity in my life.

I am unable to conquer on my own,
this perpetual strife that reappears again,
after everything seemed to settle down;
yet, waves of emotional distress arise.

Seek Me when I may be found,
the L-rd will provide rest and comfort,
after the storms have been stilled;
washed up on the sands of time.
Footsteps of the Messiah.

poetry: Reveal

Cast away the veneer,
search below the surface.
Peel the old paint away,
scrape off the tarnish.

Layers of dust collect,
over the years of toil,
while the soul is neglected,
the springs begin to uncoil.

Like an ancient clock,
that has seen many hours
pass by without thought
upon this nature of ours.

For the truth is hidden,
within our conscience,
concealed by oblivion,
held in limbo by darkness.

Unlock your mind
with the Word of Life
in time you will find
the answer inside.

poetry: Casting Shadows

Empty truths,
half hearted lies,
there is no disguise
for the efforts made in vain,
across the ages of this world,
by false gods, and mortal men.

For there is only one truth
that serves to encompass
the circumference of this earth,
casting light upon the heavens.
Shining in our hearts,
Never to lead us astray.
Not today, nor ever.

Rather, we may be guided
on a course along the ocean of life,
towards our home port
that awaits at the end of the journey.
While in the midst of the storms,
we may be comforted from Above.
Always keeping our eyes
on the final destination.

poetry: Sacred Words

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

Captured by the silence,
everything intensifies,
including my fears, especially
when I neglect my prayers.

Only sacred words
have the power to sustain me.
When my avodas is diminished,
I become entrenched in the mire.

My thoughts wander,
and silence turns oppressive,
until I reach into the depths
of my soul for a heartfelt prayer.

With the help of the Ruach,
my words will transcend time and space,
reaching out to the heavens,
like sweet smelling incense.

poem: Surface Values

You have still
only scratched the surface,
of your resistance towards a life lived,
in due respect towards the Creator,
and all of His creation,
both animate and inanimate.

Yet, the greater challenge is
to plummet the depths of your soul,
by exposing the tainted layers of neglect
that must be peeled away.

Like an archaeology dig,
wherein every layer’s artifacts
are carefully categorized,
and stored away for further analysis.
The soul is at the center,
buried beneath the years
of living a life unexamined,
having carelessly made your way
through the wilderness
of childhood and young adulthood.

poem: Solace 2

Photo by Maria Krasnova on Unsplash

Like a unicorn in captivity,
I must settle down to this way
of existence for a moment.

No longer free to roam,
outside of my own domain,
nor, wander about in this world.

Explore the confines of silence,
rest in G-d’s protective shadow,
accept my limitations.

In the Garden of Eden,
the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge
was explicitly forbidden.

while sheltering in G-d’s Presence,
I can make recompense
for my transgressions.

And, be content, here,
as Dovid HaMelech was,
like a weaned child.