Silent Reverie

Silence,opens to potential,provides a fertile void,for sincere thoughtsto blossom. Yet, words unspokenout of fear, or cowardicewill continue to hauntthe conscience over time. I will not remain silent,as the world descendsinto the grey of conformity,suppressing all other colors. I will not be complicitwith the faceless tyrannyof political correctness,that crushes the voice of truth. I will notContinue reading “Silent Reverie”


Watch your words,for words have reverberations.Watch your back,for past ways that are errant.Look forward to the future,when Moshiach will reign.Look Above to His throne,until Heaven on Earth. When G-d created the world,no thought was wasted.Every word was spoken,in truth and sincerity.Each word blossomed,from potential to actuality.His ratzon (will) was fulfilled,at the moment of utterance.