Hopeful Musings

My busyness, where does it lead me? I become like a tangled necklace, an overlapping puzzle, as if one can imagine the pieces, a small amount too large to fit together – disorder is the result. ~~~~~~~~~~ A disordered soul, where will this lead me? astray in the wilderness, and, in due time, alone inContinue reading “Hopeful Musings”

Sukkot: AfterGlow

The kedushah of these seven days lingers, like our hearts, minds, and spirit, intent on remaining for another day in Your presence on Shemini Atzeret. We will carry these sacred moments, into our lives, during the ensuing months until we meet again at Pesach.


Unravel your thinking;like cords tied together,being loosed from the tangle. ————- Enlighten your eyes,with the light from Above;free your mind, andliberate your soul. L’rd, untie the bundled sins, accept the prayer of your people; strengthen us, purify us, bless us, show us pity. May Your righteousness always reward us. Turn to Your people. Accept ourContinue reading “defusion”

The Climb

A treasured moment to be with you, a beatific glimpse of chayei olam, seeking wisdom, abiding in truth, climbing the ladder to Shomayim. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Prayer from the heart, sublime in word, distractions set aside, a time to soothe, climbing the ladder to Shomayim, seeking wisdom, abiding in truth. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ The neshamahContinue reading “The Climb”


Ancient orchards, where flowers grew, and fruit trees blossomed. ancient vineyards, where the grapes of gan eden brought rejuvenation – an appreciation of life, in communion with G-d. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ These flowers are now wilted, and the fruit is no longer sweet; the grapes have withered, they are become b’ushim.* ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Falling backward, inContinue reading “Journey”

Stand with Me

I stand, amidst controversy, thrive amongst subtleties, arrange my life accordingly to the truths that stand on their own. Standing room only in Heaven, when the righteous, downtrodden, and marginalized; misunderstood, voiceless, and persecuted will enter into their glory. Will you stand with me?