Silence of the Pearl

Focused on my own comfort,

like an oyster, easily irritated

by a grain of sand in its home,

I seek to minimize the pain.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

The many coatings of calcium carbonate,

secreted as a self-defense mechanism,

create a shiny lustrous pearl, treasured

by the human aesthetic appreciation.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Shall this not serve as a lesson,

for myself, and others as well,

who can transform sorrow into joy,

suffering into divine silence?

poetry: Shelter

Driven, to sustain ourselves,
in light of the circumstances,
that prevail upon us everyday,
as if blind to G-d’s Provision.

Even in times of scarcity,
He provides for His children,
as He did in the Wilderness
for B’nei Yisrael.

Despite the times
of economic travail,
physical and mental suffering,
emotional duress, and fear
of an unimaginable future

He will provide comfort
to those who seek refuge in Him;
forbearance of our hardships,
when we turn towards Him;
and, Guidance, when we
have no more answers.