Elusive, grey sky,

Background of countless raindrops;

Never ending flow.

Sometimes, like an ineffable puzzle, my mind rests in the midst of an incomplete picture, with the past on hold, and the future on pause. Time seems to be a superimposed structure upon eternity. Mood becomes everything – the ultimate color of an endless reality, never changing, always experienced from the center of being. The rain is a reminder that everything happens in the present moment.

Worry dissipates, fear diminishes, and peace reigns in the stillness of the heart. A meditative experience that blends into the passing hours of the day. There is no room for regret, nor concern for tomorrow. The potential of renewal exists in every moment of time, that passes unnoticed, because there is no linear reckoning of time as such. As is written, G-d placed eternity in the heart of man (Ecclesiastes 3:11).


a sense of woundedness encompasses my soul.

at times, in solitude, I can feel the distinct presence

of sufferings from the past that still resonate

within the silent echo chamber of my inner sanctum.

The value of these moments, the almost continuous

reverberation of empathy with the suffering of my people

encapsulates in a microcosmic droplet of time,

the gist of my yearning towards G-d, on their behalf,

as well as on behalf of my own tears.