Divine Pillar

The foaming, frothing sea, gleams in the light cast upon us, safe on the lee of the Angel, standing fast against the army of Mitzraim. Behind me, towers the pillar of cloud, obscuring the bowers where the enemy is shrouded in the darkness of night. There is only one way for us to pursue, inContinue reading “Divine Pillar”

We Will Be

Step back, in your soul;in your heart, reach out towards the far corners of the earth.Know, that I will be with you there.I Shall Be Who I Shall Be. In all your nisyanos,I will be within the midst,to comfort you in the stormsof a life, seemingly gone wrong. Know that all shall beas all isContinue reading “We Will Be”

Lech Lecha

Abraham left behind him,country, home, and kin,to heed the call of a lifetime,and seek what he needed to find,instead of simply blending in. Promised to be divinely blessed,he was continuously put to the test;and, passing challenges with flying colors,surpassed all grief and dolor,turning away from sin. Yes, Abraham paved the way towards G-d,so that hisContinue reading “Lech Lecha”