Understanding is born out of the silence of the heart.

Beyond these shadows of darkness, hiding in the corners,

the light will prevail, truth will be revealed to those who seek;

and, faith will triumph over the lure of worldly agendas.

There is more than one kath├Ękon, who will stand

against the sweeping tide of secularism;

more than one enlightened soul,

who knows of the revelation from Above.

Nothing under the sun will remain hidden in the darkness,

nor will any untruth echo into the depths of the mind.

The truth will be shown to all in due time, by a heavenly voice,

not the fact checkers, censors, and big media outlets.

Have you not considered, have you not heard?

We are being constantly inundated by the viewpoints,

espoused by those who are given a voice in the media;

while all dissent, silenced, fades from the public eye.

Am I living in the same world that existed yesterday?

If they had their way, they would even cancel out G-d.

Will I acquiesce to the silence?

Beyond Words

I am not a prayerbook,
nor a relic from the past,
collecting dust on a shelf.

I am a portal into the spiritual world,
a doorway that opens up to your soul,
a pathway to the higher realms.

I am an ageless, ancient collection
of words that ring true with every read,
an everlasting source of inspiration.

I am an interactive assortment of letters,
dancing upon the pages of my face,
expounding upon My essential nature.

Calming, soothing, and renewing the one,
who contemplates my prayers with kavanah,
intent, focus and concentration.

My sentences transcend the punctuation marks;
commas and periods, rearranged, speak of truths,
that were previously unclear, now revealed.

poem: Strength

I have built a shell around your essence,
depicting you, in a language misunderstood;
enveloping you in a shield of affectation,
while the truth is not fully revealed.

The sun is setting, and the time draws near,
to no longer conceal, your essence to the world.
Until then, I will continue to feel like an utter failure,
self absorbed, pretentious, and full of pride.

For your love can only freely flow,
when the anger dissipates, the fear subsides,
and my doubt collides with the strength of your glory,
shining in the hearts of all mankind.

poem: Dawn 2

Biding my time, in syncopation
with the angels fluttering by,
outside of my window, during the day,
and receding into heaven by dusk.

They will return to gather the elect
children of G-d, waiting in patience
for the darkness to pass at last,
revealing the truth on High.

At dawn, we will be lifted into the air,
transcending once and for all,
this world of tears, and sorrow –
transformed into our true selves.

poetry: Reveal

Cast away the veneer,
search below the surface.
Peel the old paint away,
scrape off the tarnish.

Layers of dust collect,
over the years of toil,
while the soul is neglected,
the springs begin to uncoil.

Like an ancient clock,
that has seen many hours
pass by without thought
upon this nature of ours.

For the truth is hidden,
within our conscience,
concealed by oblivion,
held in limbo by darkness.

Unlock your mind
with the Word of Life
in time you will find
the answer inside.

poetry: Casting Shadows

Empty truths,
half hearted lies,
there is no disguise
for the efforts made in vain,
across the ages of this world,
by false gods, and mortal men.

For there is only one truth
that serves to encompass
the circumference of this earth,
casting light upon the heavens.
Shining in our hearts,
Never to lead us astray.
Not today, nor ever.

Rather, we may be guided
on a course along the ocean of life,
towards our home port
that awaits at the end of the journey.
While in the midst of the storms,
we may be comforted from Above.
Always keeping our eyes
on the final destination.

poem: Ripple

One ripple in the pond,
ever expanding across time,
to encompass all who are born
with an everlasting find.

If we safeguard this treasure,
we also become stones,
cast into the currents of life,
to give of ourselves to others.

Notwithstanding, our susceptibility
to sink within the mire of materiality,
we may also send out ripples,
that will influence the world.