We Will Be

Step back, in your soul;in your heart, reach out towards the far corners of the earth.Know, that I will be with you there.I Shall Be Who I Shall Be. In all your nisyanos,I will be within the midst,to comfort you in the stormsof a life, seemingly gone wrong. Know that all shall beas all isContinue reading “We Will Be”

Lech Lecha

Abraham left behind him,country, home, and kin,to heed the call of a lifetime,and seek what he needed to find,instead of simply blending in. Promised to be divinely blessed,he was continuously put to the test;and, passing challenges with flying colors,surpassed all grief and dolor,turning away from sin. Yes, Abraham paved the way towards G-d,so that hisContinue reading “Lech Lecha”