poem: Bestowal

Let not the Adversary
steal your peace of mind,
nor the benefits of prayer,
so efficacious for your soul.

Set your heart upon Me;
I will set my seal upon you.
A seat is reserved for you
at the Wedding Banquet.

Until that time, your soul
may rest upon these promises,
that you may not be compromised
in body, mind, nor spirit.

May your self esteem improve,
and your soul be nourished
with all the gifts from Heaven,
that will be bestowed upon you
in due time.

poem: Direction

Photo by Raul Petri on Unsplash

There is only One who is good,
our Father in Heaven, Who looks
down upon us with a benevolent gaze.

Not that our limited perception
can always comprehend the intention
of His guidance in our lives.

Nor, may we perceive
the immediate benefit
of the direction He points.

Yet, He will always be merciful to us,
even though we may be wounded
along the way we are shown to take.

poem: Reflection

I believe
that the only other opportunity
that I would have to reflect,
for as much time as I do,
while sheltering in place,
despite the lessening of restrictions,
is if I lived in a monastery.

Here, in my quiet dwelling,
a one room apartment,
with everything I need,
for constant contemplation,
and no distractions,
as l long as I have the fan on
for background noise, or
my earbuds, while listening
to music without lyrics,
I remain in stasis; yet,
am able to plumb
the depths of my soul.

poem: Exalted

Every morning,
I attempt to serve You anew.
Silent calm, and tranquil,
when an unbroken chain of avodah
prevails, and, I see only You.

At other times,
I search for validation
in a world of darkness,
blinded by my own ignorance.

What sparks within my soul remain
untainted by the vanities
of Olam HaZeh (This World)?
Is there an opportunity for redemption
in every moment?

Learning to see the world
through Your eyes,
I am surprised to find,
your essence exalted
within creation everywhere.

poetry: The Last Things

You turn the hearts of mankind,
to a place of contrition,
like the dust of the earth,
being reminded of its lowliness.

Yet, for the recalcitrant,
their hearts compel them
to continue in their ways,
regardless of their destiny.

The last things need to be kept in mind,
or else our glory, we can not find.
Yet, some would act in reckless abandon,
ignoring our common fate in the earth.

Without a vision, our humanity perishes,
like a dandelion’s tufts blowing in the wind.
Each tiny red seed carried aloft
on a silver grey strand of gossamer.

Life itself is ephemeral,
and the soul eternal –
carried away at the time of death,
to a place of recompense.

poetry: Lofty View

The view from Heaven
Will shed light on our sorrow,
and cast a glow of redemption
Upon our faces tomorrow.

This lonely path through the darkness
Will lead to strength and determination,
Even under these trying circumstances,
So that we may live with favor from Above.

In expectation of the Aleph-Tav,
The first and last, from beginning to end,
Since time immemorial,
Until the Kingdom Come.

poetry: Dawn

May the seeds be planted,
and the sparks be renewed.

May the living waters
quench your thirst.

May, b’ezrach H’Shem,
you be restored to wholeness.

May your slumbering soul
awaken to the light.

May the darkness lift,
so that you can see

beyond your expectations
into the perfect dawn.

poetry: hisbodedus

Early morning reverie

transitions into a prayerful melody

of lost causes, fallen hopes,

unrealized dreams,

and unfulfilled potential,

all transformed into words

uplifted, elevated like sparks,

redeemed from the crucible,

By the promise of a new day.