poem: Surrender

My heart is surrendered unto You.
Your Kingship, I have accepted forevermore.
Your lasting value was made known to me,
within a moment of eternity.

Now, in looking down from Shomayim (Heaven),
I am filled with the love that was bestowed upon me.
Carry my family in the grace that was shown to me;
cradle them in Your mercy until the perfect day.

poem: Ripple

One ripple in the pond,
ever expanding across time,
to encompass all who are born
with an everlasting find.

If we safeguard this treasure,
we also become stones,
cast into the currents of life,
to give of ourselves to others.

Notwithstanding, our susceptibility
to sink within the mire of materiality,
we may also send out ripples,
that will influence the world.